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AMH Manual Horizontal Test Stand

AMH Manual Horizontal Test Stand

Model:AMH Manual Horizontal Test Stand
Application:Testing machine dedicated to spring tension and compression...
Product Details

AMH Manual Horizontal Test Stand


AMH manual horizontal test stand adapt to domestic and imported test NLB NK, ALB etc.

series pointer type push pull force gauge and for pressure load,

and insertion force test, etc. Of HF series digital force gauge.


1: Horizontal installation;

2:Manual operation, simple stability operation

3:This test stand can be installed in table face to make the frame more stable.



1:Effective trip: 50mm 

2: Maximum load: 500N 

3: Dimensions: 450 * 260* 160 mm

4: Net weight: 10.6 kg 

5: Test effective area: 105 * 100 mm, the largest can reach 105 x152mm 


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