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ADL Terminal Pulling Force Tester

ADL Terminal Pulling Force Tester

Model:ADL Terminal Pulling Force Tester
Application:Testing machine dedicated to spring tension and compression...
Product Details

ADL Terminal Pulling Force Tester

Introduction of force tester:

ADL Terminal pulling force tester is a kind of testing equipment to wiring harness and electronic industry, specifically used to test all kinds of wire terminals pulling-out force. 

The instrument can combine NK, HF force gauge and special fixture in testing. This instrument has characteristics of compact device,accurately controlling, high testing accuracy, convenient specimen clamping, simple operation, etc.

It is the ideal equipment for wiring harness factory to ensure product quality.


Instrument introduction of force tester:

Technical Data of force tester:

1: Manual operation, simple and stable.

2:This machine can be installed on the table (platform) to make the frame more stable to use.

3:Size: 45cm×26cm×16cm

4:Effective stroke: 50mm

5: Rated load: 500N (Can also be configured 1000N)

6: Net weight: 10.6Kg


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