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Common faults of torque wrench tester
2024-01-18 10:40

The torque wrench tester is a testing instrument used to calibrate various torque wrenches. It is widely used in manufacturing industries and measurement and testing departments of electric power, light industry, machinery, engines, internal combustion engines, electric vehicles, motorcycles, automobiles, ships, and aircraft.

torsion wrench tester 

Common faults and solutions of torque wrench calibration tester:

I. After turning on the power switch, the indicator light does not light up.

Possible causes:

1.Power is not input

2. The fuse is broken

3. The power cord is broken


1. Ask an electrician to check and repair the power supply line

2. Replace the fuse with the same capacity

3. Replace the power cord

II. The machine cannot operate

Possible causes:

1. Check whether the "speed regulator" returns to zero

2. The machine has moved to a limited position

3. The motor is damaged


1. Slowly turn the speed regulator knob to the right to increase the speed.

2. Adjust the limit switch position

3. Replace the motor

torsion wrench calibrator 

III. The fuse is damaged repeatedly and the torque wrench meter cannot be used.

Possible causes:

1. Abnormal input voltage

2. Motor abnormality;


1. Ask an electrician to check and restore normal power supply.

2. The motor is damaged, please repair or replace the motor.

mechanical torque wrench tester

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